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Using This Site

This site is BEST viewed with:
  • the following properties:
    Under Control Panel - Display Properties - Settings
    • colors set to True Color (32 bit) (but others will work)
    • screen area set to 800 by 600 (or larger)
  • links NOT underlined


NAVIGATING around this site:

  • Links appear in the left-most column.
  • There are 9 major CATEGORIES in the left-most column.
  • When you click on a CATEGORY, new links will usually appear that you can click on to view that specific TOPIC.
  • The current CATEGORY that you are in will have a grey background.
  • The current TOPIC that you are in will have a yellow background.
    • The current SUB-TOPIC that you are in will have a light blue background.
  • When you click on a link that sends you to another web site, a new browser window will open.  When you're done viewing the other site you can close that window or use the taskbar to return to this site.
  • Clicking on a link to a page within this site will appear in the current browser window.


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