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An annual membership with The Waterloo Wellington
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Association 
costs $25.00 CDN (for Canadian mailing addresses only)

(see below for global subscription only fees)


  • As a member of the WWMEA:
    • you will meet people at support group meetings who have had similar experiences to yours,
    • you will learn useful ideas for managing your illness,
    • you will receive our newsletter by snail mail (published generally monthly),
    • you will be able to use our library, which contains books, guides, magazine and research articles and video tapes,
    • you will have the option of being included in a Regional Telephone Support Network (available within Waterloo Region and Wellington County only),
    • you will become aware of national and regional efforts on behalf of your illness or concern,
    • you will have access to community resources and support systems,
    • you will learn about local professionals who deal with your illness or concern,
    • you will learn about the most up-to-date research,
    • you will have the opportunity to take part in any social action or political lobbying, in which the WWMEA decides to participate,
    • you will have a say regarding the activities of the WWMEA.
  • We encourage visitors to come out to support group meetings and find out what the WWMEA is all about.  New individuals are invited to attend a maximum of 3 meetings in order to decide whether or not they wish to join the WWMEA.  In order for the WWMEA to operate efficiently, we must restrict our activities to those persons who are members.
  • A self-help or support group is built on the premise that very often those persons who are experiencing a difficulty are the ones who know the most about their shared concern, and are therefore the best persons to help each other solve the problems.  When you join an M.E. support group you can share how-to tips: what to do and what not to do, what works and what does not.  Most important, together you can share experiences -- good, bad and indifferent.  As a support group grows in size, your information pool will grow bigger and you will have access to more ideas, more people and more resources.



  • If you do not wish to become a member at this time but would like to receive our newsletter, you may do so, however, you will not receive any of the additional benefits of membership listed above.
  • An annual newsletter subscription costs:
    • $15.00 CDN (for Canadian mailing addresses),
    • $25.00 CDN (for U.S.A. mailing addresses), or
    • $45.00 CDN (for mailing addresses outside of Canada and the U.S.A.).


Thank you for Providing Photocopying

(Water and Earth Science Associates Ltd.)
(Kitchener Office)

has been very gracious to provide photocopying for the WWMEA.

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